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Against All Odds

Why stress and be anxious about things you cannot control? Don’t fret, and hurry up to learn the art of eliminating hurdles!

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In the heart of San Francisco, in 1984, Dexter Bibbs made his grand entrance into the world. As he journeyed through his formative years, an alluring trifecta of passions emerged within him: basketball, football, and the enchanting realm of chemistry. What fascinated him even more was the prospect of harnessing these passions to improve the world, and this compelling interest paved the way for early involvement in his high school football team. With pen in hand and hope in his heart, he penned a book, an eloquent testament to his aspiration to mend the world and illuminate a brighter path. Through his written words, he sought to convey that every individual’s story holds significance and that no one is truly alone in their journey. Now Dexter is currently an ordained pastor and has a Doctorate Degree in metaphysics he continues to better himself and find ways to help one or another.

“You never know what someone maybe going through that’s why I tend to give a helping hand, reach one teach one, heal one.”

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Against All Odds

by DEXTER A Bibbs JR.

In Dexter’s extraordinary journey, he’s danced through life’s maze, guided by a blend of grace and the Almighty’s hand. As he pens this remarkable chronicle, you can’t help but wonder how he survived the storm. This genuine and authentic book unveils the untamed tales and experiences defining his existence. Virtually every imaginable feat, you name it, and Dexter’s likely conquered it, making this a tell-all memoir—an open book where I’ve done the vetting, so reading it isn’t a cheat but an invitation to witness an extraordinary life unfold.


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Dexter’s journey is an authentic tale of trials, triumphs, and transformations.



Throughout his life, he confronted challenges head-on with unwavering bravery and emerged stronger each time.



Dexter’s experiences serve as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to healing. Even in the darkest moments, the light of healing can break through.



Dexter’s life story demonstrates that amid life’s storms, patience can be the anchor that keeps us steady.


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